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Below are some of the testimonials we have received from industry professionals:

"We cast our last production entirely from Castcall submissions ....thank you"
Linda Griffths - Bitesize Theatre Company

"We have used Castcall for almost 10 years now and have always found them to be one of the best Breakdown Services around, with high quality customer service, I know that subscribers are high calibre actors and with a professional attitude to casting. We highly recommend Castcall and would endorse it's services to any casting director or production company. We will continue supply breakdowns and book artistes through Castcall for the foreseeable future."
          - Melissa Waudby - Vital Productions.

"I have used Castcall for many years and always found the service reliable, fast, efficient and run by someone who actually know's the industry"
          - Mark Summers - Casting Director

"Castcall is a fast, efficient and reliable service that I have used for years"
          - Sharon Lawrence - Casting Director

"Resolution Television have found Castcall an excellent way to locate first class talent for their programmes and allows CV to be examined in advance of contact - cutting back on time spent finding the right people for the role."
          - Sylvia Priest, Resolution Television

"I have used Castcall for many years now & have built up a fantastic relationship with them. Briefs are always sent out promptly & professionally & I find it a very efficient service. I would not hesitate to recommend them".
          - Heather March - Casting Director

"Castcall has been invaluable to our audition process, Ron has always provided a professional service and we shall be using Castcall whenever we can in the future".
          - Elli McKenzie - Oddsocks Productions

"Blunderbus has relied on the services of Castcall for many years, and we've always been delighted by the professional service provided. Unlike some casting services, Castcall offers the benefit of a personal touch. There is always a friendly, helpful voice at the end of the phone, or online, and nothing is too much trouble. But most importantly, over the years of working alongside Castcall, it has always been very clear that Ron, the founder (and his team) care deeply about the welfare and professional development of the performers they represent."
          - Bill Davies - Blunderbus Theatre Company

"Castcall is always our first choice for all our casting requirements".
          - Sara Kettlewell - Playtime Theatre Company

"We have used Castcall to send out our breakdowns to actors and agents for as long as I can remember, and will continue to do so. The service which Ron O'Brien provides is excellent; professional and efficient, as well as being great value for money."
          - Paul Dunn - New Kinetic Theatre Company

"I only use Castcall to advertise my cast requirements"
            - Paul Younger  - PY Productions

Our Thanks

The testimonials on this page were volunteered by the people named - to whom we are very grateful and send
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