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We provide three standard up-dates each week on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at approx 17:00hrs. in addition we also email out urgent up-dates as they come in.

The areas of work include: 
Theatre, Television, Film, Video, Commercials etc. In reality we more frequently are up-dating each day.

Note: The vast majority of jobs featured in Castcall are paid

We do not want you to waste your money - Castcall is not suitable for walk-on / extras or individuals who are not experienced and/or professionally trained
- if in doubt contact us first.

Subscription Rates

12 weeks = £34.00
25 weeks = £65.00

Payment on-line

Castcall will accept all major UK Credit & Debit cards via Nochex - a simple, secure on-line payment service.
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Pay by NOCHEX 12 week subscription £34.00
Pay by NOCHEX 25 week subscription £65.00

Please Note:  You will only be given the opportunity to give the name of the card holder
if your subscription (or Equity) name is different, you can email us after making payment
You can email or click this link to do so:

Nochex will forward your contact & subscription details  to us, there is nothing more you need do except wait for your first up-date!

Your bank or credit card statement will show this transaction as: 'Nochex Leeds'.

Pay Monthly

We offer a special 'Pay Monthly' subscription at just £10.00 per calendar month - re-occurring payment via PayPal

Other Payment Options

You can send a cheque or Postal Order (payable to "Castcall") to our postal address (click here)

You can send subscription payments 12/25/50weeks via PayPal send to:

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What subscribers say:

"The best £10 a month I spend"
- D. Picton

"I am fairly new to acting and find Castcall to be an excellent service and they are always  willing to help and advise"
- Jane Hallem

"Good service, and helpful advice and guidance given on applying for jobs  ... highly recommend!
- J. Morgan